New and Free to VST ACS’s

VST Insight™ Diagnostic Software

VST announces the release of Insight™ diagnostic software designed to be used exclusively with our VST Total Balance EVR System.

Insight™ software is a free diagnostic program available only to VST Authorized Service Contractors and is downloadable from the VST website. Once you download this extremely user-friendly software to your laptop or PC, you are instantly able to interface with the Veeder-Root TLS and VST membrane processor to:

  • Troubleshoot common ISD alarms:
    • Gross pressure
    • Degradation pressure
  • Leak-check the hanging hardware to isolate leaks to a single dispenser, reducing the costly process of elimination
  • Leak-check the complete vapor-recovery system without doing a costly pressure decay test
  • Generate reports to prove that all alarms were correctly repaired before the tech leaves your site
  • Prevent ISD alarms by economically and quickly catching small problems before they trigger an ISD alarm

Download Instructions:

Follow these instructions for downloading VST Insight™ software:

  1. Click “Download VST Insight”
  2. Click “”VST Insight Setup – Start Here”
  3. Extract all files / Save Insight to your hard drive.
  4. From your saved hard-drive files, click “VST Insight Set up – Start Here.exe”
  5. To begin your installation, open the directory of the extracted VST Insight files and open the “VST Insight Setup – Start Here” application file. It will guide you through the installation process. If you do not have .NET Framework3.5, it will be necessary to install this prior to installing the VST Insight application. But don‰¥út worry; this application will automatically detect if you need to install .NET Framework3.5 and guide you through the installation process. If you already had .NET Framework 3.5 installed, it will automatically begin installing VST Insight and guiding you through the installation process.
  6. If you had to install .NET Framework3.5 first, you will now need to repeat the opening of “VST Insight Setup – Start Here” in order to install the VST Insight application on your computer. Once it is installed you will get a screen prompt confirming that VST Insight‰³¢ has been successfully installed.
  7. Read the “Insight™ Instruction Manual” in order to improve your understanding on how to connect your computer to the TLS in order to use this file.
  8. We are pleased that you have selected VST Insight‰³¢. If you need any assistance with installation of this file please call 1-888-VSTHose.

VST Insight zip 1.0mb