The only balance system currently available to meet the CA EVR Phase II requirements.

Springboro, Ohio – USA – May 6, 2008, – Vapor Systems Technologies, Inc. (VST) is pleased to announce the addition of Veeder-Root’s In-Station Diagnostic (ISD) approval for VST’s Phase II Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) equipment with a new certification issued by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). VST is now positioned to support any gasoline dispensing facility (GDF) regardless of annual throughput with Executive Orders VR-203 and VR-204.

The VST ENVIRO-LOC™ Total System Balance Solution has demonstrated a robust efficiency greater than 98%, which exceeds the currently mandated CARB EVR standard criteria of 95%. VST’s EVR system includes all of the necessary hanging hardware for dispensing fuel; including EVR approved, state-of-the-art dripless vapor recovery fueling nozzles, hoses, safety breakaways, and is combined with a unique membrane processor that continuously controls the pressure in underground storage tanks (UST) to below atmospheric pressure levels.

Effectively, the VST ENVIRO-LOC™ Total System Balance Solution virtually eliminates all fugitive emissions caused by UST over pressurization. Thus, a system that captures fugitive emissions above ground and controls them underground. This highly engineered monitoring system assures both the public and the regulators that the total balance system continuously meets the stringent requirements.

VST, headquartered in Springboro, Ohio, specializes in the development, engineering, manufacturing and sales of Phase II vapor recovery equipment around the world. The VST focus provides the gasoline dispensing segment of the petroleum industry with exceptional products, services, and innovative solutions for improving the fueling station experience, as well as the world’s air and water quality. For more information about VST, please visit

Veeder-Root ISD
Veeder-Root’s In-Station Diagnostics (ISD) is designed to monitor the collection and containment of vapors by vapor recovery equipment. Using the existing Veeder-Root TLS-350 platform, probes, and Dispenser Interface Module (DIM) cards, the ISD software continuously monitors the vapor recovery equipment, maintains test records, provides test reports, and generates warning/alarms following equipment failures.

Veeder-Root is a leading global supplier of automatic tank gauging and fuel management systems, including the Red Jacket® brand of submersible pumps and pressurized line leak detectors. Veeder-Root and Red Jacket brands are both market leaders with a tradition of excellence in the petroleum industry. Veeder-Root is headquartered in Simsbury, Connecticut. For more information about Veeder-Root, please visit

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Veeder-Root Contact: Eva Chambers (860) 651-2829