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What are Vapor Recovery Assist Systems?

Assist Stage II systems utilize a vacuum to draw the vapors from the fill neck into the dispenser. The majority of system manufacturers, including Gilbarco, Dresser/Wayne, Tokheim and OPW, use a vacuum pump in or on the dispenser to provide the vacuum to the nozzle. The vapors are drawn to the dispenser. From there they return to the tanks by way of the vapor return line which slopes gently downhill to the tank field. The Healy and Hasstech systems differ in that the vacuum is applied by way of a central vacuum unit. The Healy central vacuum unit is typically located in an equipment manhole near the tank field. The Hasstech central vacuum unit is typically located in the processing unit on the canopy.

The assist nozzle looks much the same as the standard nozzle except that it is coaxial, and has ten to fifteen small holes near the tip. The gasoline is delivered through the inner tube, while the vapors are returned through the holes in the outer coaxial tube to the vapor return line and on to the storage tanks. Assist nozzles do not need to be compressed, tilted or latched in order for them to work.

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