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ENVIRO-LOC™ Membrane Vapor Processor
Recycle, Recover & Control Adds $'s to Your Bottom Line. VST's patented emission control system (ECS) offers a total environmental control system that actually pays for itself with a reduction in your inventory losses. For most stations the savings will pay for the ECS in less than 2 years and provide a positive cash flow in future years. ECS is a low cost technology that provides for ORVR compatibility, system diagnostics, and total control of fugitive emissions without the introduction of greenhouse gases.

Negative Pressure Benefits

The net effect is an elimination of fugitive emission leaks with a corresponding reduction in the inventory losses that are associated with storage tank pressurization. More importantly, by eliminating positive tank pressure, the storage system operates safely. No longer will tank truck drivers face escaping vapors during a gasoline drop.


VST's ECS membrane design separates fresh air from volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and pumps fresh air from the UST while simultaneously returning in excess of 99% of the VOC's to the storage tank system. The separation and removal of the fresh air reduces vapor growth and allows the storage system to maintain a constant negative pressure.

Vapor Control of Entire Site with ECS - 1 Simple Membrane System Offers Control for 3 Distinct Applications

• ECS "Turnkey" - Hybrid Assist/Balance system for complete compliance with CARB's EVR. Includes a new generation of user-friendly hanging hardware equipment.

• ECS Membrane

• ECS Retrofit - Add-on system to improve efficiency and performance of existing Stage II Assist Systems. Will include ISD package for complete EVR compliance.

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Total Control of UST Pressure and Fugitive Emissions

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