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VST is pleased to announce the availability of a uniquely-designed Contractor Tool Kit for servicing, maintaining, and testing VST EVR equipment.

At the request of many contractors throughout California, VST has created this compact, specialized tool kit for the purpose of servicing VST's EVR equipment in the most efficient and safe manner.

Contact your VST EVR equipment supplier and order today.

Instruction Sheets:
# Part Number Tool Description Sheet #
1 VST-STP-100 Spout Test Plug 9500-527
2 VST-PLT-100 ECS Pressure Leak-Check Test Fixture 9500-528
3 VST-TSS-100 Test Surrogate Spout 9500-529
4 VST-STA-100 Spout Test Adapter 9500-529
5 VST-MET-100 Membrane Extractor Tool 9500-530
6 VST-NTT-100 Nozzle Torque Tool 9500-531
7 VST-SRT-200 Spout Nut Ratchet Head None
8 VST-BPT-100 Band Clamp Pincers None
Additional Downloads:
10.27.08 VST Product Bulletin (pdf)

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