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ENVIRO-LOC™ Balance Fuel Nozzle System
A New Evolution of Fuel Nozzle Technology

ENVIRO-LOC™ BALANCE meets all new CARB EVR requirements

California Air Resources Board (CARB) has challenged the fuel industry to meet strict new nozzle requirements to eliminate front end fuel vapor (and liquid) loss due to the various shortcomings of existing nozzle technology.

• Dripless/Spitless
• No Spill
• Limited Liquid Retention


• Exceeds all EVR nozzle requirements
• CARB certification
• Positive cash payback
• Best choice for retrofits and new installations
• Extremely user friendly
• Reduces sources of fuel odor
• Reduces fuel drips on hands, shoes, clothing, and ground
• Reduces ignition potential from static, sparks and open flames
• Low maintenance

ENVIRO-LOC™ EVR Balance Fuel Nozzles are a key component of an advanced, patented balance system that provides the industry's most effective, environmentally friendly, cost efficient vapor recovery solution.

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