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Vapor Recovery Coaxial Balance Hose

The VST Coaxial Balance Hose built-in permanent double swivels offer superior handling and less flex stressing on the hose which translates into longer service life.

VST Coaxial Balance Hose is available as Standard Balance Coaxial style and Variable Design Venturi (VDV) style.

All assemblies are UL listed.

Balance Coaxial Hose Specifications

• Inner Hose - Special formulated nitrile tube material offers superior chemical resistance. It will not stiffen, harden or flex crack when exposed to most know grades of gasoline. Superior resistance to wet dry applications that are normal in balance systems.

• Reinforcement - High tensile strength wire braid construction provides maximum coupling retention.

• Retaining Clip - Special "spider" design simplifies change over as no tools are required to replace the outer hose.

• Outer Hose - Resistant to all grades of gasoline, including oxygenated fuels containing MTBE and Ethanol.

High Flow Variable Design Venturi - VDV

Venturi is a device that creates a vacuum in a fuel line by constricting the fuel flow. The suction is used to extract condensation and excess fuel from the vapor line by means of pick up tubing.

VST's Ventrui flow sensor opens and closes venturi with changes in line pressure. This unique design provides the industries highest flow rates, 15% to 30%, higher than competitive designs. All fixed Venturi designs must exceed a minimum flow rate before they will function. VST's variable design compensates for low flow applications, thereby exceeding the CARB requirements for all flow rates. VST's VDV is the only Venturi hose to meet CARB's requirements for low flow evacuation of 50 ml at 5 GPM flow rate. The combined advantages of the VDV's higher flow rate and improved evacuation provide for significantly increased dispenser efficiency in balance systems.

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