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ENVIRO-LOC™ Vac Assist Fuel Nozzle for ORVR Compatible Systems
A New Evolution of Fuel Nozzle Technology

The VST ORVR System Solution has met the testing criteria for the Texas TCEQ requirements and been approved to be used on Gilbarco VaporVac and DresserWayne WayneVac systems.

Vehicle ORVR systems have been identified as operationally incompatible with existing Stage II vacuum assist systems. As the number of ORVR equipped vehicles continues to grow, the problem of fugitive emissions increases due to the over-pressurization of the underground storage tanks. The VST ENVIRO-LOC™ ORVR system solves this incompatibility issue and reduces the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that are emitted to the atmosphere.

• Easy Installation
• Environmentally Friendly
• Operates with ORVR or Non-ORVR Vehicles
• Controls UST Pressure
• Automatically Reduces Fugitive Emissions
• Customer Friendly

• Positive Cash Payback
• Protects Air and Water from Fugitive Emission Contamination
• Reduces UST Vapor Growth
• Reduces Fuel Odors
• No Station Shut Down During Installation

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