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VST Vapor Assist Sentry
Safety Whip & Breakaway

The Sentry snap back design features a unique "Finger/Seal" that carries with it several advantages over currently available breakaways. The Sentry breakaway system does what others can't. The Sentry breakaway compensates for most spike pressures and reduces nuisance breaks and protect the dispenser components.

The VST Sentry's Double O-Ring design provides for leak-proof sealing. It is also special because it does not require special tools and components for field repairs literally making it a "snap" to repair. Just 10 pounds of force are needed to reconnect the breakaway and the Sentry retains its UL listing after field reconnection. Your down-time is minimal even after a seemingly catastrophic event. In the event of a drive-off the specially designed stay-put cushion sleeve protects the customer who may be standing near by.

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